Heaven by ardac on Flickr.
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Nothing is illegal in space

Seriously my favorite picture of all time

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Night Seascape by Roy Lichtenstein.
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Photos of how Harold Edgerton, the MIT professor who invented the strobe flash in the 1930s, experimented with his own technology: http://nyr.kr/XbIv2M
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Still Life
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The Buck’s Bottle Companion is a book filled with hundreds of drinking songs.  Some songs mourn love’s loss or proclaim love’s cruelty, but most demand refills on wine in order to tolerate the present company.  This book belonged to Archibald Montgomerie, eleventh Earl of Eglinton (1726-1796) who is described as “a Scot of the type who, according to James Boswell, despised Englishmen in the same way that Dr Johnson criticized the Scots. Hard-drinking, hot-tempered, without intellectual interests, Eglinton was a man of limited ability in all his roles” (Grainger, ODNB).  Eglinton had a long army career.  Joining in 1743, he eventually became a full general in 1793.  Perhaps it was his carousing with fellow officers that led to him acquiring this book!


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The stationWhere I told youI love you

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