'Pink Floyd The Wall' - illustration by Gerald Scarfe
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Need another human being 


'The Neighborhood that Almost Kept' 
8x10 in watercolor and ink on rives bfk
new series of doors/closer quarters of houses Ill be working on this summer.  
See it in real time this weekend at ‘Beacons’ a show good pal Mario Navasero curated at faultlineartspace  
Opens Saturday night 6-10 pm with work from Mario, myself, John Casey, David Polka, Santos Shelton, DeadEyes, Cannon Dill, Lauren Napolitano, Sydney Cain, Jared Roses, Chris Granillo, and Pancho Pescador
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George Harrison and Bob Dylan. Traveling Wilburys

This thunder game has given me several consecutive heart attacks


The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen with Pond and Figures (1885) — Van Gogh
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Panoramic Landscape, Julian Onderdonk
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Blue world
This amazing image is part of a series of maps in a manuscript from the 1460s. What is striking is not just that we can so clearly recognize Europe, Asia and Africa, but that these continents are depicted so incredibly beautifully, in deep blue and gold. The map seems to float in space and above it various winds are blowing, produced by men with toy trumpets. Clouds are quietly drifting by. Who can resist jumping in and becoming part of this intoxicating blue world?
Pic: New York, Public Library, MS 87 (15th century). More blue maps from this book here.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan